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The Role of Nonverbal in Making Verbal Effective in the Classroom

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Pub. Date : Dec, 2020
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To be a teacher and to be an effective teacher is a completely different concept. To be an effective teacher is a tough task which many of the teachers fail to comprehend and their teaching suffers, and finally this is reflected in the poor feedback that a teacher gets from his/her students. An effective teacher has deep content knowledge as well as effective communication skills to impart the content to students. Perfect nonverbal skills not only help to present best lectures but also enable the teacher to motivate the students and craft up enthusiasm within them. This way an interactive student-teacher relationship is framed like that of Dronacharya and Arjuna.


Effective teaching requires teachers to wear many different hats. At times people feel that if one has good subject knowledge then excellent teaching will follow. However, this is not true nowadays as in today's teaching scenario those teachers are considered good that have 50% knowledge and 50% interpersonal or communication skills. This leads to the question as to what are these skills and how can we acquire them? Communication is the art and science of transmitting information. There is a close association between 'educating' and 'correspondence' as educators are continually teaching novel facts or conveying innovative facts.

Effective communication skills are very vital for those teachers who are passionate about their jobs. An effective teacher communicates well to the student regarding course objective and its content in style which matches a student's level of knowledge and skill. On the other hand, the teacher who is not able to communicate well will not make his/her students understand the key concepts and as a result these students might not get success.


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