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Confidence Is the Key

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Pub. Date : December, 2021
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In today's fast changing world, it is very important for every individual, employee, manager, leader, and entrepreneur to build the capability to adapt and pivot based on the circumstances they face. One needs to build strong working relationships and constantly cope with challenges. In order to do this effectively and easily, one must inculcate the skill of self-confidence. Confident team members choose to share who they are and what they think as well as express their thoughts and feelings a lot more freely, thus making it easier to build collaborative results.

Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude.

-Michelle Obama


Confidence is an attitude and a skill too, which means it is a mindset as well, as it can be acquired. It is all about feeling sure of oneself and one's abilities in a genuine and honest way. This is not a superiority feeling, but rather a quiet inner belief that one is capable.

Self-confidence reflects in every area of our lives-education, work, and personal life. It is about trusting oneself and one's abilities.

Confidence can be (Figure 1):

  • An Attitude: The way we think can shape the way we feel. So, the more we believe we are confident, the more confident we actually may feel.
  • Body Language: The body and mind work in tandem. Just standing in a power posture with hands on the hips, i.e., in Superman posture, can be an instant way to step into a confident feeling in that moment.
  • Language: Using words such as 'I can do it' and 'I am capable' have known to become confidence affirmations which help us to boost confidence in that moment, especially in making tough decisions.