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Perceptions of Retentions and Resignations Among Race Groups: An 'Inclusive' Company Case Study

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Pub. Date : Dec' 2023
Product Name : Effective Executive
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Author Name : Mncedisi Taala, Preeya Daya and Kurt April
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Subject/Domain : Management
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This study sought to explore factors influencing the retention and turnover of employees from an engineering firm (Company X) in South Africa. It examines the 'pull' and 'push' factors to understand if they occur similarly in all racial and gender groups, and proposes strategies for the company to reduce staff turnover, especially within previously disadvantaged/designated groups. The study focuses primarily on people of color (broad 'Black' definition in South Africa) and women as categories of designated employee groups. Company X was awarded Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Certification (the highest level), which supports the organization's view that they are inclusive. The study applied the qualitative research method through a single case study design. It found that the company has taken a range of steps to position itself as a good employer which aided retention. The key takeaway of the study is that the need for HR practices to instil the correct behaviors is important, but careful monitoring of subtle factors that influence the overall workplace culture is required to retain people of color and women.


South Africa's history of racial and gender exclusion, which plagued society in general was also ref lected in the country's organizations. In organizational thinking, the influence of society on organizational practice might be explained using the human resources ecosystem, which is a concept explaining that organizational culture and human resource practice are microcosms reflecting what