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The Challenges of Managing a Multicultural Team: A Strategic Plan

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Pub. Date : Dec' 2023
Product Name : Effective Executive
Product Type : Coaching and Mentoring
Product Code : EECM021223
Author Name : Stephanie Jones and Mohammed Qamar
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Subject/Domain : Management
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This paper explores the challenges faced by leaders in culturally diverse organizations through a case study of a project management team. The authors conduct a diagnosis of organizational culture to identify the cultural norms perceived by international employees, cultural diversity and inclusion, and obstacles to performance resulting from cultural differences, and then propose an optimal approach to culture and diversity management by leaders in the company to enhance organizational effectiveness and promote efficiency in project execution. The paper includes an outline strategic plan for implementing the recommendations, looking at setting up of different team structures, self-managed work teams, discussion forums and debriefings, cultural diversity training programs, mentoring sessions, and new approaches to incentives. The paper is potentially of value to leaders and managers wanting to leverage the benefits of working with multicultural teams.


Leaders face many challenges in culturally diverse organizations, and this paper uses the case of a project management team to explore this.

The study used qualitative semi-structured interviews for collecting data from a sample of employees, which included staff originally from India, Iran, the Philippines, Romania,