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A Survey of Different Opinion Mining Methods

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Pub. Date : Sep, 2018
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Soft Skills
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Author Name : Shubhashree Acharya and Navjyotsinh Jadeja
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Subject/Domain : Management
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The paper focuses on the utilization of sentiment analysis techniques in various application domains and presents the major part of the work done in the field of sentiment mining or opinion mining using the techniques and tools of sentiment analysis. The paper gives a brief idea regarding the comparison of the techniques and the importance of the dataset in acquiring the desired outcomes.


Sentiment analysis is a detection of attitude. It is getting information about the feelings, emotions, sentiments, views or attitude of the person based on the comment he/she has written or uploaded on any data source (e.g., reviews, forum discussions, blogs, micro blogs, Twitter and other social networks). Others' opinions can be very important in making decisions between various alternatives (Erik et al., 2013). People depended on the communication with friends, relatives and other people like consultants for the opinion on the product they wanted to buy. But with the increase in the influence and use of social media and other e-commerce websites, people now rely upon the reviews of the products along with the opinions of their friends and relatives. Now these reviews and opinions are analyzed and extracted using sentiment mining.


Opinion mining techniques, Types of sentiment analysis, Educational mining

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