The IUP Journal of Accounting Research and Audit Practices:
Management Accounting: A Tool to Achieve Entrepreneurial Goals

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2018
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Accounting Research and Audit Practices
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Author Name : C S Devendra Jarwal
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Subject/Domain : Finance
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Since entrepreneurship is essential for economic development, the policy makers are trying to boost entrepreneurial activity across the nation. It is found that one of the main reasons for the failure of a business is lack of proper exposure to the accounting process, especially usage of management accounting. Therefore, this study has been carried out with the objective to determine the role of management accounting in achieving the entrepreneurial goals. The study uses purposive sampling method for collection of data and chi-square test to test the hypothesis. The findings reveal that management accounting information leads to effective decision making, which is crucial for achieving the entrepreneurial goals.


Entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in the economic development of a nation. Having realized this, the policy makers have been giving due importance to the growth of entrepreneurship among its citizens. The government has been putting in efforts to boost the entrepreneurial activity through policy interventions, market development, incentives, easy availability of finance, infrastructural development, etc. Despite all such efforts, the nation is witnessing business failures, resulting in negative growth of the economy. Though we have seen intensive financing of these enterprises, the results of the present study show that there is a lack of expertise in terms of handling the finances, especially the making of financial decisions without proper knowledge of management accounting.


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