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Design and Implementation of Floating Point Sine and Cosine Functions Using Xilinx ISE for Analog Circuits

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2018
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Author Name : Ishu and Manoj Duhan
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The paper performs the design and implementation of sine and cosine functions in floating point format. To implement these functions, an iterative shift-add algorithm called Co-Ordinate Rotation Digital Computer (CORDIC) was used. Also, single precision floating point format was used among various IEEE-754 floating point formats which consisted of 32 bits. Software implementation of sine and cosine functions was done using VHDL and module for CORDIC using equations given by Volder (1959) was designed and simulated for wave form.


Co-Ordinate Rotation Digital Computer (CORDIC) is a special purpose digital computer for real-time computations. Volder (1959) first proposed this algorithm to calculate trigonometric values based on vector rotation (Gupta et al., 2009). However, further extensions to the CORDIC theory are credited to Walther which helped in the calculation of other elementary functions, for e.g., hyperbolic functions, square root functions, etc. These elementary functions can be implemented using an incremental expression of the desired function. CORDIC utilizes minimum hardware, thus making it simpler to understand and implement. It is an iterative algorithm using only shift-add operations to perform mathematical functions for scientific and engineering fields when hardware multiplier is not available. It also uses lookup table concept to store values in the RAM for further comparison.


CORDIC (Co-Ordinate Rotation Digital Computer), Floating Point, VHDL, IEEE- 754, Xilinx- ISE

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