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Predicting Knowledge Sharing Behavior Based on People’s Early Core Beliefs

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2018
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Author Name : Yasha Afshar-Jalili and Samaneh Ghaleh
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Subject/Domain : Management
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Knowledge sharing has always been a challenge for organizations practicing knowledge management initiatives. Although comprehending Knowledge Sharing Behavior (KSB) requires psychological study, there are a few studies that have investigated the psychological aspects of KSB deeply. This quantitative research aims to predict knowledge sharing by studying the relationship between people’s early core beliefs and their KSB. For evaluating people’s core beliefs, a questionnaire was distributed among the employees of Oil Industries Commissioning and Operation (OICO) Company, Tehran, Iran. 214 employees from different levels of the organization participated in the survey. The response rate was 61.84%. Early core beliefs, including “I am OK and you are OK”, “I am OK and you are not OK”, “I am not OK and you are OK”, and “I am not OK and you are not OK”, are shaped in early age and influence people’s adulthood behavior as a fundamental attitude. The results show that there is a positive relationship between core beliefs and KSB.


A major part of today’s work is knowledge (Drucker, 1999). Knowledge sharing is widely recognized as the challenging process as well as central activity of knowledge management (Seba et al., 2012). Knowledge sharing is the main contributor to organizational learning and generating new ideas (Lin, 2007). Considering the key role of people in knowledge sharing (Nonaka et al., 2000), it could be taken into account as a behavior which should be managed effectively to create an organizational competitive advantage.


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