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Meta-Perception of Employees: A Study of Selected Private Universities in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2018
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Author Name : Nita Sunny and Sakshi Sharma
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The present study attempts to examine the relationship between meta-perception and organizational commitment taking personality as a moderator variable. The study was conducted among 70 faculty members of private universities of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. The data thus collected was analyzed with the help of SPSS 17.0. To analyze the data, statistical tools, viz., Factor Analysis, Pearson Correlation Coefficient and Multiple Regression, were used. The findings of the study demonstrated correlation between meta-perception and organizational commitment of the employees, with more optimistic employees showing higher organizational commitment.


Imagine if one could understand what is going on in another person's mind. One does try to comprehend if the other person is saying the truth or a lie and speculate what thoughts wander through their head (Eyal and Epley, 2010). Individuals like to latch onto somebody's head and to know what the other person is thinking about them. Since one is not able to do that, one assesses and interprets the sensory inputs received. This is called perception, with which one interprets the world around. In trying to interpret the world around, one forms opinions of inanimate objects, living things, friends, family members, society, etc., and also of oneself. The concern of the present study is solely of opinions formed about oneself by others, which is meta-perception, a term coined by Laing et al. (1966). The idea that people see themselves through the eyes of other people and incorporate others' view into their self-concepts was first referred to as the Looking Glass Self by Cooley (1902). Research confirms that we form an idea of how others deem us by first working out how we think of ourselves and then deduce from it (Eyal and Epley, 2010).


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