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The Impact of Attendees' Event Involvement on Sponsors' Brand Image and Behavioral Intentions: A Study of Indian Premier League

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Pub. Date :Nov, 2018
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Author Name : Jaskirat Singh and Apar Singh
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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a privately-owned professional cricket league which invited private enterprises into cricket and successfully created it as a commercial property that matches the new social trends and lifestyles of the attendees. This study used structural equation modeling technique to find out the cause-and-effect relation between the event (IPL) and the sponsor (VIVO). The study found positive impact of attendees' event association in the form of event familiarity and event involvement on sponsor's brand image. The study also found high involvement of the attendees with an event positively influences their purchase intentions.


These days, sponsorship events are most important for advertising companies and different sponsoring brands because of the popularity of the events and its large fan following. Otker (1988) describes the term 'sponsorship' as nothing but buying and utilizing an alliance with an event, a team or a group, etc. Cornwell (1995) defines 'sponsorship-linked marketing' as an association between the sponsor and an event organizer for the purpose of communicating the marketing objectives of the firm. The study highlighted the fact that the only association between the two parties is not working well, unless the event or the team positively promotes their tie-ups with the organizers of the event.


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