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The Quality of Healthcare Delivery in Primary Health Centers Under Public-Private Participation

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Pub. Date :Nov, 2018
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Author Name : Udaykumar V Kokatnur, Sharanabasava C Pilli
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Subject/Domain : Management
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Private player participation in private-public partnership in healthcare delivery system may be improving in one or more areas of healthcare delivery such as infrastructure development and management and operations. Public-private participation enhances the technical efficiency and quality of delivery of healthcare. A quality assessment study is carried out in three Primary Health Centers (PHCs) under private-public partnership in Belagavi taluka of Karnataka state, India. The study shows that demographic data across PHCs is identical. The quality of perception of healthcare delivery is agreeable to the recipients. A significant difference exists among the three PHCs parametrically. The quality of healthcare providers has significant influence on the perception of the quality of service delivered.


Quality healthcare is a multidimensional service confirming technical quality and functional quality satisfying the customer expectations on a consistent basis. Performance measurement in primary care gains insight into the dimensions that have a bearing on their respective expectations and perceptions pertaining to design and delivery of quality services. Primary healthcare centers provide services that reach a large population in rural and semi-urban areas. A World Health Organization (2006) report on quality care suggests that a health system should seek to make improvements in six areas or dimensions of quality, namely, effective, efficient, accessible, acceptable, equitable and safe.


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