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Destination Personality and Destination Image: A Literature Review

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Pub. Date : Dec, 2018
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Destination branding has become a widely researched concept as governments and businesses are looking at repositioning their destination images. All branches of destination branding are investigated not only to brand or rebrand places but also to boost local economies. This study attempts to gather insights from the literature available in research sources on destination image and personality. The influence of destination personality on destination image has also been looked into and the attributes which constitute these two factors have been reviewed. This review paper presents the findings of previous researches and the approaches used therein. Also, this helps researchers, marketers and even governments to understand concepts such as destination image, destination personality and their implications, which could trigger changes and improvements in branding tourist, business and other types of destinations. It is important to note that this paper is only a qualitative literature review and is limited to the findings provided by previous investigations.


Branding is not a mere process but a marketing force that empowers an entity, either the product or service. Brand image is an integral part of powerful brands (Aaker, 1996; and Kapferer, 1997). Powerful brands differentiate their products and services from those of competitors (Lim and O’Cass, 2001). There are many theoretical frameworks and researches available in the literature on brand image (Keller, 1993; Aaker, 1996; Kapferer, 1997; and de Chernatony, 2001). Studies by Hendon and Williams (1985) and Upshaw (1995) define brand image in terms of brand personality. Studies have also seen the relationship between destination personality and destination image. This study attempts to present the findings of previous researches in the context of destination personality and destination image.


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