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Employer Branding Approach and Student Preferences of Employer in Campus Placements

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Pub. Date : Dec, 2018
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The process of recruitment and selection of students by companies on college campuses in India, commonly known as ‘campus recruitment’, is affected by many factors, one of them being employer branding by the recruiter. The number of students on a campus signing up for the recruitment and selection process of the recruiter depends on the students’ impression of the recruiter, which is influenced by employer branding. There are many ways in which employer branding is undertaken, some of the popular ways being promotion through digital media, print media and word-of-mouth. The study aims to discern whether student awareness is created by employer branding and whether this influences his/her recruitment preferences. In other words, does the knowledge or awareness of an employer brand tilt the student’s preference in favor of the organization? The study was conducted through primary data collected from 73 respondents currently studying Engineering and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) courses in colleges in the National Capital Region of India. The results show that student preferences for employers in campus placements are influenced by employer branding. Implications for organizations are also discussed.


Talent acquisition is one of the key steps of the talent management process in a majority of organizations. Talent acquisition, a strategic function, concerned with readying a pool of potential candidates, encompasses recruitment and selection. One of the types of recruitment is recruitment through colleges, commonly known as ‘campus recruitment’, wherein representatives of a company, mostly from human resource and technical functions, physically or virtually (through the Internet) interact with colleges with the purpose of conducting recruitment, with processes such as group discussion and interviews (sometimes several rounds of interviews).


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