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Attitude of Indian Consumers Towards Counterfeit Luxury Brands

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2019
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Author Name : Diksha Pasricha, Kokil Jain and Shalini Gautam
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Subject/Domain : Management
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Luxury brands possess a desirability that extends beyond their function and provides a perceived status through ownership. As luxury brands are valuable and desirable and have remarkable impact on the minds of consumers, counterfeits that provide these features are becoming increasingly important for consumers. The luxury market is growing faster than many other markets, and counterfeit goods market is thriving accordingly. The consumer demand for the purchase of counterfeit luxury brands has been increasing significantly. Considering the interest of Indian consumers in counterfeit brands, the present study attempts to investigate the factors that influence the attitudes of consumers towards counterfeit luxury brands. The data was collected through a questionnaire administered on a randomly selected sample of 103 consumers, who buy counterfeit luxury brands in India. The influence of social and personality factors on purchase intentions and attitudes was examined. Data was analyzed by correlation and regression analysis using SPSS. The results of the study help us understand which factors affect the Indian consumers' attitude towards counterfeit luxury brands and whether or not there is a relationship between the attitude towards counterfeits and purchase intention of the consumers.


Luxury branded goods are considered to be products of high value, prestige and status and are generally purchased by people as a status symbol since they are expensive and not easily affordable. Luxury goods provide a strong sense of prestige to the person who owns the good and is generally understood and differentiated by their exclusivity, quality, uniqueness, self-expression and aesthetics that they possess. These characteristics differentiate the luxury goods from the otherwise standard products.


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