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The Effect of Optimum Entransy Dissipation Number on the Performance of Heat Exchanger

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Pub. Date :Feb, 2019
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Author Name : Roopesh Tiwari and Govind Maheshwari
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The paper introduces a new concept of optimum entransy dissipation number to evaluate the heat exchanger performance. The analytical model presented is based on entransy which represents the heat transfer ability of an object. The lower the entransy dissipation, the higher the heat transfer ability of an object. The parallel flow and counter flow arrangements are analyzed. The analysis shows that the optimum entransy dissipation number, which is a non-dimensional parameter, has a decreasing trend with the increasing number of transfer units for both parallel flow and counter flow arrangement. The counter flow arrangement yields better result compared to parallel flow arrangement. The variation of optimum entransy dissipation number is compared with the variation of entransy dissipation number. The results show similar pattern; hence, the optimum entransy dissipation number can be used to characterize the heat exchanger performance.


In the past several years, numerous techniques have been developed, leading to increased performance of the heat exchanger. These techniques have drastically reduced energy consumption, simultaneously reducing the cost of the equipments.

Several theories and methods based on minimum irreversibility and entropy generation have been developed to optimize heat transfer (Bejan, 1977; Bejan, 1982; Aceves et al., 1989; Sekulic, 1990; Shah and Skiepko, 2004; and Mohamed, 2006). The concept of heat exchanger efficiency based on optimum heat transfer has been introduced (Fakheri, 2003a, 2003b and 2006). Further, it has been proved that the efficiency of wide varieties of heat exchangers is comparable to the efficiency of a fin having constant area with its tip insulated (Fakheri, 2007). A new physical quantity, entransy, resembling the energy stored in a capacitor has been defined by Guo et al.


Effectiveness, Efficiency, Entransy, Entransy dissipation number, Optimum entransy dissipation number, Heat exchanger

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