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Crashing and De-Crashing: A Tool for Insertion of Buffers in Project Schedule

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Pub. Date :Feb, 2019
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Author Name : Vibha Saihjpal, S B Singh and R M Belokar
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Project schedule is the schematic arrangement of activities of a project, to be accomplished within a predefined timeline which is to be followed with the aim to finish the project in specified time. Though a project schedule is defined before the starting of a project, the project usually gets delayed as compared to the proposed schedule. To avoid the delay in completion of a project, buffers (extra time other than activity duration) are added to the schedule. These buffers act as cushions to absorb the delays in projects. There exist various formulae for determining the size of buffers to be added. This paper proposes a technique to use crashing and de-crashing as a tool to add time as well as cost buffers. This technique makes the project more robust and capable of absorbing larger delays. The results are substantiated using a case study.


A schedule is a plan of procedure anticipated to be followed to accomplish a task comprising a number of subtasks. The task is called a project and subtasks are called activities. A schedule is a timeline which should be followed by the project. Meeting deadlines is a major concern in industry. Whether it is a production unit or a software company, a number of projects can be seen running late than the schedule. Hence there is a need to develop a robust schedule, i.e., one which as a whole is less disturbed by the delays in activities. To make the schedule more robust, buffers are added to it. A buffer is a cushion, provided at different stages of a project schedule so as to absorb the delays that occur during the execution of the project, up to a maximum possible extent. In the development of the project plan, the duration of each activity will be coupled with a lot of security time.


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