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Re-Build: A Primer on Crisis Management

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Pub. Date : Mar, 2019
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Author Name : Ramya Ramamurthy
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The book Re-Build is about various brands that faced crises due to reasons like mismanagement, contamination found in the product, innovation cycle, product recall due to defects and the way they came out of it through different brand re-building strategies. The book is divided into 23 chapters under four modules and provides good case studies of 23 major brands in India as to how they managed to come out stronger and wiser from the crises they faced and how they put themselves into such a situation in the first place. It is a must read for every future manager!


Post liberalization, well-known domestic and global brands in India, among different product groups, have struggled with crises—some due to internal mismanagement, while some due to external conditions like technological obsolescence, better substitutes, etc. Many of these brands have employed successful business strategies to not only come out of the crises, but also effectively manage to shape the company’s future in a better manner. The book Re-Build, in its unique narrative style, puts across the stories behind some of India’s biggest brands that faced impending catastrophe and emerged as either gloriously successful or wiser from the experience. Each brand story of the book ends with key takeaways which are very useful for all managers.


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