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The Corporate Heritage Brand Development Process: A New Institutional Theory Approach

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Pub. Date : Mar, 2019
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Author Name : Olutayo Otubanjo and Oluwaseun Eniola Adegbile
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Subject/Domain : Marketing Management
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The paper examines how the concept of corporate heritage brand management develops, based on a comprehensive review of academic literature on the meaning, components and models of corporate heritage brand management. Specifically, the study unearths the developmental processes from a new institutionalism theory perspective. Two important findings emerged. The first finding introduced new mandatory components of corporate brand heritage, namely, craftsmanship, date of inception and product ingredients. The second finding—a new institutional-driven model was advanced to give insight into the corporate heritage brand development process. The findings of this study are useful in guiding managers responsible for corporate branding and corporate communication. It also contributes knowledge by expanding the mandatory components of corporate heritage brand.


The concept of corporate heritage brand has risen in importance in the last decade among researchers in the field of corporate marketing (Blombäck and Scandelius, 2013; Balmer, 2017a and 2017b; and Balmer and Chen, 2017). The rationale for the rise in interest in this concept is attributable to a number of factors. First is a growing demand for goodwill (Balmer, 2013) in the marketplace; second is an increased desire for business organizations to strengthen their corporate reputation (Hakala et al., 2011); third is the need to establish market legitimacy; and fourth is the increased recognition that corporate heritage brands are unique and that this virtue is a strategic resource that can impart long-lasting value (Balmer, 2013).


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