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A Study on Consumer Preference Towards Sustainability and Post-Use Consumption of Product Package in Chandigarh

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Pub. Date : Mar' 2019
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Author Name : Ankita Bhardwaj
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The purpose of this study is to understand the consumer preference for sustainable package designs and also between glass and plastic packages. The study also seeks to understand to what extent the environmentally-involved consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products and the importance of post-use consumption for the consumers. Random sampling method is adopted for getting the desired responses from the target sample. Consumers who are environmentally-involved prefer reusable packages in comparison to one-time use packages. The higher the level of environmental involvement and positive attitude towards the environment, the more pro-environment decisions would be made by the consumers provided they are given full information. Consumers’ preference for verbally designed packages is highlighted in the study. This study adds to the current body of literature on green marketing and specifically on the emerging area of product packaging.


“Packaging is of great importance in consumers’ purchase decision process, especially in situations of temporal pressure and hyper choice environments” (Magnier and Crié, 2015). When going to the supermarket, consumers are flooded with options of similar products from different brands, with different product package designs and product prices. In a majority of cases, consumers buy the product that best fits their needs, be it the price they opt for, the brand they trust or the design they find most appealing. However, in recent years, consumers have developed a consumption behavior that is more conscious and sustainable, focusing more on environmental issues.


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