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Holistic Approach to Quality Management: A Case Study of the Indian Industry†

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Pub. Date : Mar' 2019
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This paper traces the evolution of quality in the field of production and operations in the manufacturing industry, especially the trajectory of growth from an abstract idea to a fully-developed action plan. Through the diachronic approach that examines the four industrial revolutions, it establishes the evolution of quality from ‘inspection’ to ‘assurance’. After the Indian market was thrown open in 1991, the Indian industry evolved in order to keep in step with global competitors. Since then, operations management teams have studied and adopted various methodologies to improve the quality of their products. The industry has been working towards winning prestigious quality awards which can bear testimony to the quality standards they follow. The Deming prize is one such award, which certifies that the systems being followed by the organization can sustain and improve the quality of the product. The study follows the Deming guidelines in order to understand the process which industries maintain to win this award. The author has studied three Deming award-winning organizations to understand the basic conditions to be fulfilled before vying for the Deming. This study will help managers and engineers identify gaps in the quality systems they follow. The implications drawn by the author are directed towards any organization interested in achieving process and product quality across the board.


An integral part of human existence means existing in line with a quality system, more so in the industrial context. Quality is identified with the manufacturing and service sector and its evolution has been a crucial part of industrial growth since the beginning of the 20th century. Today, it has become a way of life in every field and drives business growth. Quality is often defined by the manufacturing world as “conformance to specifications that is also termed standard”. If the product meets the needs of the customers and fulfils expectations, it is termed as a good quality product. The desire for improvement in the quality of goods and services is quite old, ever since prices were based on the quality of products.


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