Supply Chain Management
The Impact of Supply Chain Strategy and Supply Chain Flexibility on Supply Chain Performance: A Study in the Indian Context

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Pub. Date : Mar, 2019
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Author Name : Amit Chandak, Sumit Chandak and A Dalpati
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In the modern competitive business environment, organizations integrate their business processes tactically across other business units within the supply chain network. This paper makes an attempt to find the impact of supply chain practices [i.e., Supply Chain Strategy (SCS) and Supply Chain Flexibility (SCF)] on supply chain performance. The study was conducted on a sample of 121 respondents from the Indian automobile industry. The data was collected by administering a questionnaire on the sample. The path modeling approach was used to test the significant relationship (statistically) of the hypotheses. The results reveal that SCS and SCF have significant correlation with SCP. This study contributes new knowledge to the existing literature by providing a research framework that can enhance the performance of the Indian automobile industry, and gives practical recommendations based on the research findings.


It is evident that Supply Chain Management (SCM) is very well known and intensely studied in modern management. In the current scenario, companies try to achieve strategic competitiveness over their rivals through proper implementation of SCM practices. An important aspect of SCM is that the entire process improves the information sharing between partners of supply chain and ensures smooth flow of material to improve the performance of supply chain. Supply Chain Performance (SCP) can be enhanced by value creation to the end-user and by increasing the profit of supply chain partners with the help of effective and efficient Supply Chain Strategy (SCS) and Supply Chain Flexibility (SCF). In today’s immense competitive situation and global marketplace, SCM has become a well-known management concept with a long research history (LaLonde and Masters, 1994; and Mentzer et al., 2001).

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