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A Study on Response of Industrial Structure Under Dynamic Loads

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Pub. Date : Jul, 2019
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Author Name : Swati B Bekkeri and Varsha Gokak
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Subject/Domain : Science and Technology
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Industrial structures include the infrastructure of power, petrochemical, agriculture and manufacturing sectors. Industrial structures can be recognized through their form and function, but it is not the case with general buildings. This is because, the function of industrial structures is to encounter extreme variations of loads that are likely to occur during the manufacturing and finishing process of any industry. In the present work, an analysis is done of an existing industrial building which is supposed to withstand various static and dynamic loads. To achieve this, various strengthening methods are used such as strengthening of existing columns, introduction of additional beams, knee bracings and braces. The response of the structure is observed when different strengthening methods are adopted. The main objective is to decide the efficient strengthening technique that resists the applied loads efficiently and to ensure that the amplitude of vibrations is within the limit as specified by the vendors or as per IS: 108162 (2001). The analysis is done using STAAD Pro v8i. The results showed that when secondary beams are provided, the building resists the transmitted loads effectively and vibrations produced by the machines are also within the allowable limits. This method is also very economical compared to other methods (Bhatia, 2011).


Industries boost the economy of the nation. Industrialization is defined as a method of change in the technology used to produce goods and services. The rapidly developing economy and urbanization have increased the number of industries in our country. Therefore, the construction of multistory industrial structures has become essential (Muhsina et al., 2016).


Steel industrial structure, Composite slab, Machine loads, Strengthening, Knee bracing, Secondary beams

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