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Board Structure and Composition in Manufacturing, Telecom and IT and ITeS Industries in India

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Pub. Date : Jul, 2019
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Author Name : Mohammed Abdul Nayeem, Siddharth Kushwaha and Bharath Supra
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Subject/Domain : Management
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Corporate governance came into being to check the unlawful business practices in the corporate world and safeguard the interests of the shareholders. Lack of corporate governance will have an effect on businesses. Anglo-American model is being followed by the developing nations, particularly by India, for corporate governance. However, the overall corporate governance structure is still at a rudimentary level. The present study examines the relationship between board structure and ownership structure and its composition across different companies listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Index in three industries, namely, Manufacturing, Telecom, IT and ITeS. The reason for picking up these industries for the study is that together these three industries contribute more than a quarter of the GDP of India. So it becomes inevitable to study the relationship between board structure and ownership structure in these industries. A two-stage methodology is used?First stage: Analysis of Descriptive statistics, i.e., mean and standard deviation (Liu and Fong, 2010); and Second Stage: Correlation analysis among variables. The results inferred from the work highlight the relationship between board and ownership structure of these three industries.


Corporate governance has gained quite a good amount of momentum across the world due to scams, scandals, unethical business practices and insufficient disclosure in the corporate world. A lot of new standard regulations have been set and changes in accounting and reporting practices have also been made with the aim to bring down the unethical business practices and reduce the greed to a certain extent (Bekiris, 2013). Thus, the need of the hour is to build and develop a robust pattern of good corporate governance which takes care of all these unethical issues and addresses the problems arising out of it.

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