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Corporate Governance and Risk Management: An Analysis of Indian Banking Sector

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Pub. Date : Jul, 2019
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Corporate Governance
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Author Name :K R Swain and Anup Kumar Samantray
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Subject/Domain : Management
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In the present corporate world, corporate governance is viewed as an important, essential and most significant factor for the smooth functioning of firms. This study explores the relationship between corporate governance and risk management in the banking sector and measures banks performance based on the theoretical background relevant to the corporate governance of the banks. The literature in this paper looks at three areas of governance: ownership structure, board structure, and risk management. The impact the governance mechanism has on both performance and risk depends upon the governance policies and performance effects. The paper also highlights the areas where further research is needed in the future.


Corporate governance of banks is a relevant and role in economic development and growth. Corporate governance of banks is an instrumental determinant for economic growth (Levine 1997, 2005; and Claessens, 2006). While substantial empirical evidence exists in relation to the corporate governance of non-financial firms, less is known about how special features of banks could affect the corporate governance of banks.

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