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The Relationship Between Gender Diversity on Bank Boards and Bank Performance: A Review

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Pub. Date : Jul, 2019
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Author Name : Udayan Karnatak
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Women have been underrepresented in business for very long. Women's presence in the business at different levels, including top management position, is reasonably less as compared to men. The qualities women possess make them special for any business looking for sustainable existence. For decades, it has been researched and found that women show different skills and fortitude when it comes to handling stress at the senior management level. Through the literature review, it is found that women enjoy certain advantages over men in handling the sensitive business of a bank. These qualities are hard work, risk averseness, diligence, ethical, conservative, good communicator, a team player, nurture people around and coordinated. Gap in the existing literature related to growing stress at banks (non-performing assets) and how women's presence in the top management will give performance advantage to the Indian banks in terms of profitability are highlighted.


Banking has emerged as an institution of national importance to support the society and its financial needs. Banking is a friend to the society. Banking, after the 1991 liberalization, became more accessible to the common people by spreading to semi-rural and rural areas, giving lending to the priority sector and breaking the monopoly of public sector banks (Bhattacharyya,1993; Ghosh,1993; and Rangarajan,1993). So, apart from public sector banks, now we have private sector banks also in the banking business. Public sector banks monopoly was challenged by new entrants like ICICI, UTI, IDBI banks and also by foreign banks. Studies on Indian banking sector have shown how private and public sector banks differ in terms of profits, with evidence of more profits for private sector banks (Chaudhary and Sharma, 2011). This may be due to the competition that has become stiff, and it is becoming more prominent as we are into New Age banking world where the rules of the game have changed and favor the banks that come up with more complex products and services with increasing customer satisfaction.

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