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Entrepreneurial Aspirations Among University Students

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Pub. Date : Sep, 2019
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Entrepreneurship plays a premium role in industrial development. Entrepreneurship development is the key to the economic development of any country. There are two crucial problems in India, i.e., unemployment and scarcity of financial resources. Only entrepreneurial development can provide a solution to these problems. Entrepreneurs not only generate self-employment but also provide employment opportunities for others by setting up enterprises. On the other hand, most of the youth graduating from colleges and universities are aspiring for a job, rather than starting their own enterprise. The present paper is an attempt to find out the entrepreneurial aspirations among the university students and their future aspirations after completion of degree. An attempt has also been made to find out the reasons why students could not opt for entrepreneurship as a career option.


Entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly significant due to its role in creating jobs, increasing competitiveness in products and services offered and above all contributing to the economic growth of a country (Zahra, 1991). Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a new business enterprise and expanding it across new geographical areas by providing employment to more and more individuals. Entrepreneurship can solve many problems of an economy like unemployment, concentration of economic power in a few hands, imbalance in regional development, and increasing wastage of youth power in destructive activities. It is the ability and quality of an entrepreneur to identify an investment opportunity and manage an enterprise in order to contribute to real economic growth.


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