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Employability Skills for Sustainable Development: The Role of Higher Education Institutions

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Pub. Date : Sept, 2019
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Author Name :Antra Singh and Seema Singh
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This paper aims to understand the role of higher education institutions (especially engineering institutions) in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the employability skill sets that are expected from an engineering graduate. The paper overlays the employability skills from the viewpoint of representatives of 98 private engineering institutions as well as 20 human resource managers of IT companies. The paper identifies the employability skill gaps and comments on the current positions of these engineering institutions and also suggests the important measures that these institutions must take to contribute toward attaining the SDGs. This paper enables the administration of higher education institutions, companies, researchers and policy makers to better understand the role of institutions in achieving SDGs through inculcating these skills in their students and how it will have an impact on the integral growth of the nation. This paper provides a discrete and innate perspective of an institution’s contribution towards achieving SDGs.


Higher education institutions are lacking in holistic vision to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as they are more concerned about getting their students placed and thus generating goodwill in terms of admission figures. This paper outlines the context in which institutions can contribute towards sustainable development. Institutions can contribute to achieve these goals, but the problem today is that these institutions focus more on achieving the admissions or stipulated intake figure and finally the recruitment of their students, compromising on the quality or overlooking the employability skills of their students. This in turn affects the companies as they are not getting the desired candidates in terms of the skill sets to meet the demand of the market which in the long run has an impact on the profitability of the company having a simultaneous effect on the nation's economy and intrinsic development.


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