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Exploring Factors of High Performance HR Practices: A Study based on Managerial Perception

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Pub. Date : Sept, 2019
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Author Name :Manisha Seth and Sheetal Sharma
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Subject/Domain : Management
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This study attempts to explore the factors of high performance Human Resource (HR) practices based on the perception of managers and HR professionals. The data was collected from managers of 35 organizations, working across five different sectors. Factor analysis was applied to identify the factors of High Performance HR Practices (HPHRP). The results of the study indicated construction of eight new factors. Out of the eight factors, performance-linked practices and talent management practices emerged as the most significant factors of HPHRP, whereas the other six factors were found to have moderate to low significance level. The findings of the study are in alignment with the previous researches and provide insights to the practicing managers for the enhancement of employee and organizational performance.


The highly dynamic and uncertain changes in the business environment have compelled organizations to embrace innovative and contemporary HR practices for yielding high productivity and sustainable performance. These practices or systems have been labeled and conceptualized as High Performance Work Practices (HPWPs). In order to create and enhance sustainability value of the organizations through building organization and individual capability, HR practitioners and leaders need to consistently focus on High Performance HR Practices (HPHRP). As Ulrich and Lake (1990) rightly put it “the traditional ways of gaining competitive advantage have to be supplemented with organizational capability, i.e., the firm’s ability to manage people”.


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