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Pub. Date : Sept, 2019
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This paper intends to explore the nuances of skill building and attempts to lay out a path for people interested in building one or more generic or specific skills and expand their current skill set. A skill is any behavior that needs to be learned and improved by practice. This is something any one can learn irrespective of age, education, intelligence, provided that one is willing to put in the necessary effort and practice systematically, consistently and intelligently—20 h is all it takes to get to a good level of proficiency (at many skills). One cannot depend on one’s past achievements and present level of expertise alone, as one’s future depends on one’s ability to keep on learning. Self-awareness is central to learning and so is the knowledge about one’s learning style and a conducive environment. Selecting from the in-demand skills and working on them will increase the market value of the individual. Following two or more techniques for skill building can save time and produce the desired results faster. Acquiring a skill, building the skill, and moving on to mastery require deliberate effort and commitment.


Learning has been integral to human beings for centuries for survival and growth. Skills are important for the economic growth of the nation and help improve workforce readiness, productivity and social integration and solve problems such as unemployment. Countries around the world emphasize on skill development to reap the demographic dividends as skills play an important role in the development of human capital. World Youth Skills Day is celebrated on July 15 every year (UN General Assembly). Skills are important not only for the youth but for everyone in the workforce and out of the workforce. Every individual seeks to improve some particular skill or the other to be able to put them to use whenever one needs it. Also, every individual aims at self-improvement and wants to be a better version of himself/herself and achieve personal success. Learning and performing skills are part of our lives. So ideally, skill learning should never stop.


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