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Stress Management Techniques

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Pub. Date : Sept, 2019
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Stress! – a word that haunts almost every single individual today irrespective of whether they are working or not working, young or elderly, male or female, satisfied or dissatisfied. In fact, many claim that though there are a number of courses that offer tips and techniques (Figure 1) to lead a stress-free life, they do not really work and do not have much impact. The reason for the above is, in fact, very simple. The concept of stress-free life is a myth! One that is not possible! All the techniques are not to lead a stress-free life, but to lead a stressful live with happiness and fun!—That even though life gives us stress, we need to look beyond it and what we can do to get ourselves to a state wherein we can continue to live in bliss in spite of the stress. This paper talks about a few simple techniques to manage stress such that it does not engulf one’s life.


Most stress management experts would propose that it is not just what we carry in our minds but it is about how long we carry it that causes stress. The popular analogy given is that of holding up a glass of water for a long time. Though it weighs only around 100 g initially for the first 5 minutes, soon it starts to feel heavier over time. If it is held for an hour, the hand would start to pain. If we attempt to hold it for a whole day, then we would need medical attention. It does not matter what the actual weight of the glass is, the longer we hold it, the heavier it feels. Same goes with stress too! The longer we worry, the longer we get stressed! We are thus asked to worry less, not to carry work burdens home, and pick them up once we have rested a bit.


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