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Cloud-Based Security Solutions

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2019
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Cloud computing is an entirely new archetype that envisions a nontraditional computing model for organizations to espouse information technology without incurring any upfront investment and with nominal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Cloud computing is the new wave of technology and the favorite buzzword which the corporate world utters every now and then. It unlocks the doors to multiple, infinite venues which include upscaling and downscaling the resources in no time and pay-as-you-go model (that says pay to them based upon the usage). Even with the potential advantages attained from cloud computing, the security of the booming technology is under question which may impact cloud adoption. Based on several attacks and vulnerabilities that took place in recent times and posted by several cloud providers, more intense Cloud Security research has started to grow to find out probable ways to defend against such attacks. There must be appropriate technical enforcement and verifiable accountability with appropriate security policies and measurements and compliance-driven audits to generate a sense of urgency to control the cloud security.


We live in the Data Age. It is a daunting task to measure the total volume of data put away electronically. Cloud computing poses an extra level of jeopardy because of the critical services offered by it to a third party, which makes it hard to uphold the data privacy and security. Security in cloud computing is a serious aspect, which has numerous issues and challenges associated with it. Cloud service providers, brokers and cloud service users must focus more on cloud safety.


Cloud, Security, Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

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