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Meta-Analysis Review of Efficient Mechanisms for Resource, Energy, and Data Management in Fog Computing

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2019
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Author Name : Sorush Niknamian
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Subject/Domain : Management
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Fog computing is an architecture that uses collaborative end-user edge devices to carry out storage, transmission, configuration, and module functions. In this computing environment, management issue is the process of managing, monitoring and optimizing the correlated components for improving the performance, availability, security and any fundamental operational requirement. The management strategies have a great impact on fog computing, but as far as we know, there is not a comprehensive and systematic study in this field. Hence, this paper classifies the management strategies into three main categories, namely, resource, energy and data management. In addition, it defines the new challenges in each of these categories. Finally, the differences between the reviewed strategies are investigated in terms of scalability, reliability, time and query attributes, along with providing the main directions for future research.


Nowadays, data transmission is facilitated through Internet and web services (Aazam and Huh, 2015). Fog computing, as a new Internet-based computing paradigm, facilitates wireless data transference to the distributed devices based on computing, storage, and networking services, which are authorized among end systems and data centers (Afrooz and Navimipour, 2018). The edge of the network is a place for providing computing services, and it arranges the modern applications and services for the future of the Internet (Agarwal et al., 2016). The components of data-processing or analysis applications are included in fog computing (Dastjerdi et al., 2016). Fog computing defines the representative applications and mentions various aspects of issues in designing and implementing computing systems (Al Faruque and Vatanparvar, 2016).


Fog computing, Management, Resource, Data, Energy

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