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Implementation of Smart Attendance Using Image Processing Techniques

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2019
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Author Name : J Bhaskara Rao, Navya Allamsetty, Sai Kishore Datti, Poojitha Jakkampudi and G Komal Kumar
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Attendance maintaining system is a difficult process if it is done manually. The smart and automated attendance system for managing attendance can be implemented using various ways of biometrics. Face recognition is one of them. By using this system, the issue of fake attendance and proxies can be solved. In the previous face recognitionbased attendance systems, there were some disadvantages like intensity of light and head pose problems. To overcome these issues, various techniques like illumination invariant, Viola and Jones algorithm and Principal Component Analysis are used. The major steps in this system are detecting the faces and recognizing them. Then, a comparison of detected faces can be done by crosschecking with the database of student’s face. This smart system will be an effective way to maintain the attendance and records of students.


Face recognition technique is one of the most efficient biometric techniques for identification of people. We can utilize it in the field of education for managing the attendance of students. There are lots of colleges and schools, in which thousands of students are receiving education. In every classroom, there are about 90 to 100 students. Also, for every few days, a new school or college is opened. To maintain the attendance and records of these many students is a very difficult task.


Biometrics, Face recognition, Smart attendance

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