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Unfolding of the New US-Russia Hostility and Washington’s Self-Entrapment: An Analysis

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2019
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Author Name : Nishtha Kaushiki and Hilal Ramzan
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The present study is an attempt to examine the rise of new hostilities between Washington and Moscow at a time when the latter with the help of Beijing is trying to re-assert itself as a regional power. The first part of the paper dwells on the differences between the old and the new Cold War and how Russia has reformulated its foreign and security policy. Strategies such as Gerasimov Doctrine, its own ‘pivot’ to Asia, increased military supplies and exchanges with simultaneous political-economic agreements with the countries of the European Union have been adopted to further increase its sphere of influence. The second and the final part of the study analyzes the developments and the consequences of Russia’s new policies from a geopolitical perspective. Russian strategic maneuvering in the Middle East and elsewhere, apart from sidelining its divergences with China, has created new regional dynamics wherein the US has been considerably ‘distracted’. The study concludes that as a consequence, the US has fallen into the trap of challenging both China and Russia at the same time—something which both Kissinger and John Mearsheimer had warned against. This has led to its ‘self-entrapment’ and has made it increasingly difficult to step out of the mess and concentrate on the Indo-Pacific region.


Today, international relations are marked by a series of crisscross strategic interests and differences at the same time along with the emergence of the new powers that assert to bring substantial changes in the structure of the international system, hence some clash of interests with historical baggage seems to be inevitable. The relations between the US and Russia constitutes a troubled historical past with contemporary strategic competitions as well as cooperation on some issues. So much hostility is shared between them that the disagreements between the two constitutes a larger share of the available literature on US-Russia ties.


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