The IUP Journal of Knowledge Management
Assessment of Knowledge Sharing Practices
in Higher Learning Institutions: A New Exploratory Framework – AT-DP KSPF

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2019
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Knowledge Management
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Author Name : Amin Tuni Gure and Durga Prasad Sharma
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Subject/Domain : Management
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Today, knowledge management and Knowledge Sharing (KS) have emerged as one of the most important areas in knowledge management practices and are seen as a basic resource for the organization’s competitive advantage all across the world. Therefore, to be competent, organizations need to manage and utilize knowledge for increasing their probability of success. KS is a major component of knowledge management because having knowledge is meaningless unless it is shared and allowed to be used by others. The aim of this study is to assess and explore the existing KS practices among the staff of the academic institutions/universities. In addition, the study identifies the level/extent of KS practices, existing barriers that hinder KS practices and technologies that facilitate sharing of knowledge. The study applies descriptive research design for a cross-sectional survey to describe the phenomenon and mixed (i.e., qualitative and quantitative) research approach for knowledge exploration from the collected data. The findings of the study i.e., an Amin Tuni-Durga Prasad Knowledge Sharing Practices Framework (AT-DP KSPF), reveal that universities’ academic staff are not satisfied with the existing KS practices. In addition, no motivational scheme is observed for KS, and also individual, organizational and technological factors are significantly found to be hampering sharing of knowledge.


Today, knowledge has proved to be the main resource of an organization’s competitive advantage. Therefore, managing this resource plays a great role in the success of the organization’s performance. Knowledge management process is composed of knowledge generation or creation, storage, sharing, and utilization. Knowledge Sharing (KS) is the fundamental means through which employees can contribute to knowledge application, innovation, and ultimately the competitive advantage of the organization (Khandelwal and Sharma, 2011). In this knowledge age, virtually all organizations are becoming knowledge-driven in order to achieve or maintain competitive advantage.


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