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A Comparative Analysis of Contemporary Laws Related to Copyright in Australia, the UK and the USA

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2019
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Intellectual Property (IP) rights is a summative term covering inter alia copyright, patents, trademark, trade secrets, etc. It subsists so that its maker can be guaranteed uniqueness of the work and avoid piracy or replication. Some of such IP rights exist prima facie, while others need to be registered. To assure that any work is not duplicated or exploited without consent is the essential thought behind IP laws which would warrant delivering its makers and creators the monetary worth of their work (termed as 'royalties'). Today, the copyright law not only secures the copyright proprietor's privileges and other neighboring rights but also manages public interest of the work and aims at striking a balance between both, in this technological environment. In this way, the copyright law secures a long adventure today, in contrast to those days when only scholarly and artistic works were included. Doing so, it has entered a world which is laden with mechanical advancements. Hence, talking about the present scenario of copyright laws, the only concern is tracing the infringers and enforcing laws on such infringement on the author's rights. The author tries to put forth the information entailing copyright laws, particularly of Australia, UK and the USA.


Intellectual Property (IP) rights is an aggregate term that covers copyright, patents, trademark, trade secrets and others which exists to guarantee the maker or creator of a unique bit of work, so that others can be kept from replicating or 'pirating' it. Some IP rights are prima facie created; some must be registered. The essential idea behind IP is to guarantee that a work is not duplicated or utilized without consent and to ensure the delivery of the monetary worth (known as 'royalties') of the makers and creators of their work.

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