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Effective Drug Regulation: A Corollary of Right to Health†

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2019
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Right to health includes safe, effective and affordable drugs. For achieving this goal, there must be strong drug regulation, and identifying the conundrums is of extreme significance for efficient, smooth and flawless drug regulation. In this paper, the author focuses on identifying some issues, viz., spurious and counterfeiting drug, drug price control, unethical promotion, and issue of pharmacovigilance. References to various policies, schemes and reports have been made to substantiate the depth of issues. After appraising the issues and challenges, the author endeavors to lay down the way forward for smooth and effective drug regulation pertaining to right to health.


It is the basic and inherent human right to have good health, and accessing the appropriate and cost-effective drug1 is an indispensable requirement for accomplishment of this right. Law is a requirement for human conduct, commanding right and prohibiting wrong. The law however is much more than a collection of mandates and prohibition. It also provides a framework within which people can resolve their disputes without force and can also be empowered and enjoy dignified life. Indian Constitution directs that state shall regard the raising of the level of nutrition and standard of living of its people and improvement of public health as among its primary duties.2 Right to life as per the Constitution includes right to health and safe medicine.

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