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Seismic Analysis of Hyperbolic Cooling Tower Considering Different Column Supporting Systems: A Case Study

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2019
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Author Name : Rajashekhar and Sachin Kulkarni
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The paper discusses the static and dynamic analysis of existing cooling tower of height 143.5 m chosen as reference tower from Bellary Thermal Power Station (BTPS). Throat height to total height ratios (HT/H) (0.65, 0.7, 0.75 (existing tower), 0.8, 0.85) are considered with different (A, H, I, V, W, X) column supporting systems. SAP2000 Ver.14 FEM software is used to analyze the cooling tower subjected to self-weight, free vibration and earthquake loading. The material properties of the cooling tower considered are Young's modulus E = 31 GPa, Poisson's ratio = 0.15 and density of RCC 25 kN/m3. Displacements, forces, stresses and moments are obtained and tabulated for static and earthquake analysis. The behavior of column supporting systems is studied and plotted graphically. The column supporting systems A, V and X significantly showed better behavior in both static and dynamic loadings as compared to H, I and W type columns. A, V and X type columns are more rigid, possess high stiffness, and provide strong link to the shell tower. The effect of distortion is studied for all column supporting systems, arriving at column supports with better performance with (HT/H) ratio.


Cooling towers, usually referred to as hyperbolic natural-draft towers, are large and thin concrete shell structures that are used to cool large amounts of water in thermal or atomic power plants and other industrial plants such as steel plants and refineries. The cooling operation inside the tower is by air flow through the tower. The rising air flow is caused by the difference in air density between the less dense heated air inside the tower and the colder and denser ambient air outside.


Cooling tower, Column supports, Displacements, Stresses, Moments

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