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Seismic Performance of Structures with Open Ground Storey Under Combined Action of Flexure and Torsion

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Pub. Date : Oct, 2019
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Author Name : Vaz Shaline M T and Hemant Sonawadekar
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Structures are susceptible to the ravaging devastation of earthquakes. With the upsurge in real estate, there is a demand for space and also along with it there is a need for tall and slender structures, which makes a structure more vulnerable to seismic excitation. In the past half-century, various aspects in terms of performance of buildings with soft storey, i.e. vertical irregularity, were deliberated. At the same time, structures with complex structural configuration were assessed and significant changes in behavior were noticed. Provision in IS:1893 (2002) (old and new code) for accidental eccentricity is evaluated in order to classify as torsionally regular or irregular. In the present study, moment resisting RC frames (1st storey, 1st and 2nd soft storey and full infilled frame) with plan and vertical irregularity for asymmetric building configuration were designed using Indian codes by varying accidental eccentricities to 0%, 5%, 10% and 15%. Linear analysis was performed using ETABS. The results (lateral displacement and storey drift) were obtained and compared with regular full infilled frame with accidental eccentricity for different models under consideration. It was perceived that a building with increasing accidental eccentricity has pronounced effect on lateral displacement and storey drift. It is concluded that accidental eccentricity arises due to unknown discrepancies, i.e., nonuniform distribution of mass and stiffness, alteration in buildings and irregular building plan, which are not taken into account while designing and analysis.


One of the most destructive phenomena of nature is an earthquake. It is an uncontrollable and unpredictable hazard to life and property. Asymmetric structures are inevitable in contemporary construction world (Botis et al., 2018). With the upsurge in real estate, there is a demand for space that has led to choice of soft storey structure, which is more vulnerable to earthquake (Neelima et al., 2014).


OGS building, Bare frame, Fully infilled frame, Torsion, Eccentricity, Response spectrum analysis

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