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Thermoeconomic Input-Output Analysis Applied to Ammonia-Water Absorption Systems

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Pub. Date :Nov, 2019
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Author Name : Sanjay Khatwani and Govind Maheshwari
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The paper presents thermoeconomic input-output analysis of a single-stage vapor absorption system operating with ammonia-water mixture under steady state conditions. Thermoeconomic input-output analysis provides general relationships between the product and the resource with the efficiency of each component of an energy system. This model is a fundamental concept of symbolic thermoeconomics. In this paper, the authors have built a productive scheme from the physical structure of the Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Systems (VARS) that explains the resources distribution throughout the system. The definition of physical structure consists of a pair of components that connects each flow of the system. The complete productive structure of the whole absorption system analyzed is shown graphically. This approach allows one to obtain the Fuel-Product (FP) table, a mathematical representation of thermoeconomic input-output model. FP table plays a key role in the various approaches of thermoeconomics like cost formation process and thermoeconomic diagnosis. The complete analysis is performed using Thermoeconomic Analysis of Energy Systems Software (TAESS).


Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Systems (VARS) are alternative to vapor compression refrigeration systems. These absorption systems use natural refrigerants such as water or ammonia, they are environment-friendly as they eliminate the use of CFC and HCFC refrigerants. These systems show advantages, such as environment-friendly, high reliability, low maintainability and silent and vibration-free operation (Palacios et al., 2009). The Coefficient of Performance (COP) of these systems working with ammonia-water solution is in the range of 0.6 to 0.7 (Moreira et al., 2005).


Thermoeconomics, Thermoeconomic Input-Output Analysis, Fuel-Product (FP) table, Vapor absorption refrigeration

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