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Planning TV White Space Network for Broadband Services for a Rural South-East Nigerian Community

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Pub. Date : Nov, 2019
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Author Name : A N Osakwe, G O Uzedhe, D U Onyishi
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Subject/Domain : Engineering
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Providing broadband internet for all people using prevailing technologies is a challenging task, especially for communities who live in rural and remote areas. One possible solution to provide broadband internet for rural areas is using wireless technologies which work at unused spectrum. TV White Space (TVWS) scenario in developing countries is much unlike those in developed countries. The availability of underutilized spectrum in UHF band is significant in these countries in contrast to developed countries, where only sporadic spectrum gaps are available. The paper describes issues related to TVWS usage for secondary application in a rural area of South-East, Nigeria. In order to provide broadband internet for rural and remote areas, feasibility of TVWS was done. The network architecture for the proposed system was modeled using the reality of available communication infrastructure. The propagation model was developed and the propagation prediction of the proposed network was done using a radio planning tool.


Apart from the UHF band reallocation, another interesting opportunity concerning spectrum exploitation is White Space (WS) phenomenon. The term WS refers to the frequencies licensed for a broadcasting service but not used in designated geographical area. Therefore, many initiatives emerged recently to reallocate those parts of the spectrum as unlicensed and made it accessible to the unlicensed devices under the guarantee that they will not interfere with the existing or future broadcasting services. The size of WS depends on geographic areas.


Client premise equipment, Propagation model, Spectrum occupancy, TV White Space (TVWS)

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