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Pub. Date : Nov, 2019
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Author Name : Kanchan H Wagh, Shashank S Shriramwar
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Phased Array Antennas (PAA) are the ideal solution for a variety of system applications, including air traffic control and collision avoidance radar for WLAN and cellular communication. A microstrip antenna array is used as it is easy to design and fabricate. It has small size, lightweight and efficient and high gain. Antenna array designs are important areas of research in active phased array RADAR that can meet the subject requirement. Microstrip antennas are used in a variety of wireless applications including radars, cellular phones, wireless sensor networks and in medical applications. The paper reviews different configurations of microstrip antenna array for phased array radar.


Phased Array Antenna (PAA) is a multiple antenna system, in which the radiation pattern can be reinforced in a desired direction and suppressed in an undesired direction. The direction of phased array radiation can be electronically steered, avoiding the need for any mechanical rotation. These unique capabilities have been found in phased arrays with a broad range of applications since the advent of this technology. Phased arrays have been traditionally used in military applications for several decades. Recent growth in civilian radar-based sensors and communication systems has drawn increasing interest in utilizing phased array technology for commercial applications (Daiki et al., 2012). Enhancing antenna directivity in order to improve long-range communication has been subject of extensive research since the time of Marconi's paper, Directive Antenna' (Balanis, 2005). The first demonstration of directive wireless communication which can be considered as the origin of phased array technology was shown by Karl Ferdinand Braun. He won the Nobel Prize for demonstrating enhanced transmission of radio waves in one direction (Ehmouda et al., 2009).


Microstrip array, RADAR, Phased array radar, Beam steering

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