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A Study on the Relationship Between Gender Preference and Brand Experience with Reference to Amazon Brand

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Pub. Date : Dec, 2019
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Author Name : Taru Baswan and Farheen Fatima
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Marketing practices are changing with the changing consumer needs. With a plethora of brands in the market, retailers are required to create a difference to impart a unique and blissful experience enabling to develop a long-lasting relationship. It is imperative for the marketer to understand the requirement of the empowered consumer in the era of consumerism. Conceptualization of the brand experience in case of online retail has been done as sensations, feelings, cognitions and behavioral responses evoked by stimuli related to the brand like packaging, communication, service provided, designing of the websites, etc. Consumers today not only look for functional utilities but also seek emotional experiences. Brand experience theory is developed to explain the measurement of brand experience and its effect on consumer behavior. This is an endeavor to understand how the marketer can enrich the consumer’s experience with the brand. The paper attempts to reveal the gender preference for various dimensions of the brand experience developed by Brakus et al. (2009). For the study, an online brand, Amazon is selected. It is an empirical paper that collected data from 173 respondents through a structured online questionnaire. Results reveal that there are gender differences with regard to the emotional dimension of the brand.


A brand is the silhouette of a company; it holds a company together in the eyes of the customers. It is very important for a company to make their brand as remarkable as possible, some brands try to do the same with the help of attractive logos, brand names and fancy tag lines but others do it with earning loyal customers and letting them represent their brand, because there could possibly no better brand ambassador than the existing customers themselves. The most important way to earn and retain customers is nothing but ‘satisfaction’, customer satisfaction to be precise. Therefore, customer satisfaction is really important for a company to bloom as a brand in today’s scenario. In today’s world, every company is competing to be the best brand in their respective markets; thus it is very important to understand the customer’s needs, tastes and preferences so as to serve the customers at their best.


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