Supply Chain Management
The Effect of Supply Chain Integration on Supply Chain Performance

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Pub. Date : Dec, 2019
Product Name : The IUP Journal of Supply Chain Management
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Author Name : Justice Odei Som, Collins Cobblah and Hod Anyigba
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Subject/Domain : Strategic
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The study investigates the effect of Supply Chain Integration (SCI) on the performance of supply chains. Specifically, the study investigates the effect of information, operational and relational integration of supply chains and how they affect the overall performance of the supply chain. The study used questionnaires administered to selected supply chain and information system specialists to collect data for analysis. The findings reveal that information and operational integration have a positive effect on Supply Chain Performance (SCP), while relational integration has a negative effect on SCP. The result implies that within the Ghanaian context, managers should invest more in information and operational integration in order to achieve positive outcomes in their supply chain, while relational integration should be done with more caution because of its underlying elements of trust and long-term commitments.


Value creation is central to the activities that organizations seek to implement. This originates from the very mission of a firm and extends to collaborators, alliances, and in some cases to satisfying the interest of regulators. The long list of actors in these relationships makes the study of supply chains interesting. In geographically diverse environments and economies, with firms having suppliers and customers spread across the globe, a more reliable and timely flow of materials and information, among other resources, in a structured and secured way is most desired. Thus, to successfully achieve any business end, processes and operations across the different environments should aspire to achieve a unified status for the flow of material, information, and financial resources (Flynn et al., 2010).

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