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A Parametric Study of Tall Structures with Diagrid

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Pub. Date : Jan, 2020
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Author Name : Ajaykumar G Shah, Vishal B Patel
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The paper makes an attempt to parametric study the tall structures with diagrid structural system. Diagrid is an exterior structural system which resists the lateral forces by axial actions of diagonals provided in periphery. The main objective is to determine the optimum module size of diagrid. The study considers five steel buildings having typical plan area, and loadings of 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 storeys were analyzed for the 4, 6 and 8 storey diagrid module size. The analysis was carried out in ETABS 2017 software. Various parameters like fundamental time period, maximum storey displacement, maximum storey drift, maximum base shear were considered.


Earlier, tall building systems were constructed with steel/iron frame structure which minimized the dimensions of the structural members at building perimeters. In these systems, large openings were filled with transparent glasses and steel/iron members were clad with solid materials. Later on, new cladding concept of curtain walls was developed with the emergence of new structural systems. Most of the tall buildings employed steel rigid frame with wind bracings as a structural system, and were quite overdesigned as the advanced structural analysis techniques and computer software were not available at that time. Innovative structural systems like composite structures, mega-frames, tubes, core-and-outrigger structures and artificially damped structures are some of the new developments since the 1960s. The diagrid system, however, was used at a few places in the past but utilized for buildings with unique shapes and form, developed in the beginning of 21st century; so diagrid can be considered as one of the latest structural systems for tall buildings. Diagrid structures are emerging as a new aesthetic trend for tall buildings in the modern age of architecture, most versatile structural system, and it is a special form of the space truss. Diagrid system gives unique facade and it can be identified at a first glance. Diagrid structural system differs from conventional braced systems in a way that almost all the vertical columns are eliminated. Gravity load is shared approximately 50-50% in interior frame and peripheral diagrid and about 98% of lateral loads are taken by the peripheral diagrid system.


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