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Right from the school days, Ulaganathan Sankaranarayanan, a giant of environmental economics, cultivated resilience to capitalize on the available opportunities. He went to a school located five km away from home by a bullock cart and instead of clamoring for what is not available, he mastered whatever is offered by the local institutions. He obtained MA in Economics from Annamalai University in 1957. After working for a brief period at Annamalai University as a lecturer and as a research associate at the Gandhian Institute of studies at Varanasi, he went to the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA in 1963 for doing his PhD.


This descriptive economist, who had no formal education in mathematics/ econometrics, once joined Arnold Zellner, a noted statistician and economist at the University of Wisconsin, so metamorphosed himself into such an econometrician that he could analyze production functions in the Indian manufacturing sector and their implications for economic development using Bayesian methods for PhD thesis and also presented a paper, "On Errors in the Variables" at the Econometric Conference at Berkeley in 1966 jointly with Zellner. After obtaining PhD in 1967, he joined the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee as Assistant Professor, and within nine years, became a tenured Professor in 1976, besides becoming Chairman of its Graduate Studies Committee.

In 1977, he returned to India to join Madras University as a Professor in Economics Department. In the year 1978, he established the Department of Econometrics. He himself taught a wide array of subjects. He was known as a great teacher "not only imparting wisdom and knowledge to students but also kindling enthusiasm in them for the subject".

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