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Does Consumer Attitude Influence Sustainable Buying Behavior of Branded Organic Food Consumers? The Mediating Role of Green Consumption Value in Predicting the Relationship

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Pub. Date : Feb, 2022
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Author Name : Joshyja Jose*, Biju M K** and Binoy Vincent***
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Subject/Domain : Marketing
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Consumer attitude is the reaction of a customer towards a product or service. The consumer's environmental concern leads them to be sustainable buyers who consider the core values of ecology or environment. In recent times, consumers have been showing a high positive attitude towards the environmental benefits offered by products, which indicates their sustainable buying behavior. The branded organic food category is a highly valued product category and brands like 24 Mantra Organic, Dhatu organic, Dear Earth, and Down to Earth have higher sales. Organic products are defined as "agricultural products produced through natural versus synthetic processes (Fisher, 1999). They safeguard the consumers from chemical exposure and ill health. Michaud et al. (1994) described the certification process as "setting standards, verifying that standards are followed by inspecting the facility and operating records, and approving the producer or processor. Certified products bring food security to consumers from pesticides and chemicals and ensure food quality. The current paper evaluates the role of green consumption value in predicting consumer attitude and sustainable buying behavior towards the branded organic food products. The authors used descriptive and analytical research by implementing purposive sampling for data collection. The results show that the consumer attitude influences the sustainable consumption of the organic consumer and green consumption value mediates the relation between consumer attitude and sustainable buying behavior of consumers.


The consumer's consumption pattern differs over time, and the ecological ethics of the consumer influences the food choice. The strong positive perception relating to the green aspects acts as a driver in the consumption of an organic product. The consumer's awareness regarding sustainable practices and environmental knowledge results in the creation of environmental values. The presence of toxins and chemicals in conventional products and the harmful health effects have increased Green Consumption Value (GCV).