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Examining the Impact of Service Quality on the Satisfaction of Health Insurance Policyholders

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Pub. Date : Feb, 2022
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Author Name : Sheeba Nair*
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The study aims to identify the dimensions of service quality in the health insurance business and examine the impact of various factors on the overall satisfaction of policyholders in general insurance companies. It identified five factors/dimensions of service quality in health insurance business, viz., reliability, empathy, access, responsiveness and tangibles. The study revealed that reliability, empathy, access and responsiveness have a significant and positive impact on overall satisfaction in the public and private sector general insurance companies. Tangibles has an insignificant and no positive impact on overall satisfaction in the public sector general insurance companies; and in the private sector firms, it has a significant minimal positive impact on overall satisfaction. This paper contributes to the literature on the service quality dimensions in health insurance and their impact on customer satisfaction. It could have potential practical implications for companies offering health insurance products. The management of the companies can increase their understanding of the service quality dimensions and their impact on customer satisfaction.


India is considered to be one of the important countries in global trade of the service sector. The economic development of any nation depends on its financial system, of which the insurance sector is an important player (Bhatia and Bansal, 2018). In the financial sector of India, insurance sector has appeared as one of the most vibrant segments, particularly since the liberalization of the market in the year 2000. In the last few years, the health insurance sector has emerged as the second-largest growing sector in the non-life/general insurance industry after the motor insurance sector in India. It has emerged as a significant business for general insurance companies. There are several factors attributed to the growth of health insurance sector in India, for example, increasing awareness of health insurance, rising healthcare cost, rising disposable income, changing lifestyle and growing lifestyle-related ailments.