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Agile Leadership: Eight Steps to Becoming an Agile Team Leader

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Pub. Date : March 2022
Product Name : Effective Executive
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Product Code : EECM01032022
Author Name :Stephanie Jones and Dave Cass
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Subject/Domain : Management
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Agile leadership is now a very commonly heard concept. Increasingly popular as a focus for organizations and now in hot demand, agility is especially needed in the constantly changing external environment. This paper looks at agile leaders' need to encourage self-managed and cross-functional teams and cut through layers of bureaucracy, integrate complex ideas through team-based cocreation, and deal with ambiguity. Here, the authors are concentrating on agile leadership in terms of managing teams in a changing external context-developing agile leaders in entrepreneurial businesses moving from startup to scale-up. However, many agile principles can be applied to mature organizations, especially in changing operational settings.

Strategic Thinking and Corporate Boards

W hat is agile leadership all about? In this paper, we are sharing recent research1 and personal experiences,2 based on our interpretation of this increasingly popular focus on a leadership approach which is now in hot demand and becoming the norm, especially with the constantly changing external environment caused by (amongst other things) the global pandemic. An agile leader needs to embrace teamwork and stop trying to be a hero-even to be more of a servant leader-to the extent of