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The Art and Science of Delegation

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Pub. Date : March, 2022
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Author Name :Revathi Turaga
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In today's corporate world, many a time, delegation is considered akin to assigning a task. As a process, delegation can take time and effort from the manager's side to train the team members. So many managers tend to shy away from it by just handing over the tasks and projects to their team members. Learning the appropriate process to delegate, however, has a long-lasting positive impact on the results and hence must be followed. This paper looks at not only the importance and process of delegation, but also the various nuances of every single parameter to consider while delegating, through an author-written 12C framework.


Delegation is assigning responsibility and authority to someone in order to complete a clearly defined and agreed upon task, while the leader retains ultimate responsibility for the success (Charles, 2015). Delegation is an important skill for leaders to leverage their team members properly and gain advantages for themselves, their team members, as well as the organization (Figure 1). It adds value to all the three. Here are some aspects of importance of delegation.

Importance to leader:

  • free to strategize growth
  • effective management
  • become better mentors
  • reduces workload
  • develop leadership skills